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Visiting Atelier of Jean Pierre Dubord

It takes two and half hoours by train to get to Normandie from Paris. I love the diffused light and tranquility.
Jean Pierre Dubord
Jean Pierre Dubord, the native of Normandie, he is a descendant of Ecole de Rouen/ He carries the torch of French Impressionism to the next generation

View from Jean Pierre Dubord's atelier.

View from Jean Pierre Dubord's atelier

Jean Pierre and his wife Evelyne serving welcoming Champaign for me. The salon was decorated with Japanese paintings. I found out he has two shows in Japan every year. He is very popular in Japan. While Jean Pierre is painting Evelyne is working for women's charity or studying symbolism.

Jean Pierre Dubord
A major exhibition called "Impressionists from Rouen" - is being organized for this summer. Paintings from impressionist masters who painted in Rouen including Monet, Pissarro, Sisley and many others will be exhibited and the works of Jean Pierre Dubord who represents the living artist - will also be exhibited. He is very busy these days for preparing this project.

Collection of paintings on one of Dubord's wall

Sa maison ainsi que sa cave datent du 16eme siecle, mais je doute que ses vins soient aussi vieux. Je ne lui ai pas pose la question.

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