Francisco Rodriguez Sanchez Clement

( 1893 - 1968 )


Francisco Rodriquez San Clement graduated from Academia de Bellas Aretes de Madrid. He was influenced by his native culture and in particular the gypsy tradition. He would open travel with the caravans, a natural dream he had since childhood, crossing Europe and capturing in his sketches the essence and magic of the rich life which surrounded him.

During this time, he learned much about music and dance, which further fueled the passion of his painting. His work did not only celebrate individuals and their surroundings but transmuted the mystic tales of the passion and soul, which was the nature of the gypsy.

Upon returning to Spain, he faced adversity. Unable to find sufficient encouragement from the salons and exhibitions in his own country, he made the decision in his mid-twenties to go to Paris to seek his fame and fortune. There among other artists he felt greater freedom and continued to follow his love of figure painting. He has an excellent sense of color, which gives strength to his vigorous s tyle of drawing. Most of his pictures portray the wild rhythm of the flamenco dances or conjure up the excitement of the bullfight. In every subject, he illustrates pulsating life.

Since the exhibitions of his paintings in the salons of Paris and around Europe, he has become known as the pictorial storyteller of his heritage. His works have been published in the distinguished art catalogs of Frost & Reed Limited, London, England. His works have enriched several public and private collections throughout the world.
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