Frank Will

1900 - 1951


Frank Will, more formally known as Frank William Boggs was born  in 1900 in the Seine-et-Oise region of Northern France. He was the son of the renowned American artist Frank Myers Boggs and his French spouse. Under his father’s guidance, in the studio on Rue de Clignancourt in Paris, Frank-Will nurtured his passion for painting, eventually forsaking his architectural studies to fully immerse himself in the art world. He established a reputation for his vivid portrayal of Parisian scenes, primarily using watercolor, and was connected with the École de Montmartre. His association with this movement was further solidified through his close camaraderie with fellow artist Gen Paul. Throughout his career, Frank-Will held numerous standalone exhibitions in Paris. His works were showcased at the Galerie George Petit in the 1920s, the Galerie Hector Brame in the 1930s, and later at the Galerie Henri Bureau. Moreover, his contributions to the art world were also recognized in various group exhibitions worldwide.
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