Isabelle De Ganay


Isabelle de Ganay was born in Rouen in 1960.
At the age of fifteen, Isabelle was accepted at the famous Beaux-Arts in Rouen, an honor that is rarely bestowed on someone so young and is a clear indication of her talent.

In 1976, Isabelle met Albert Malet, the last Impressionist painter of the School of Rouen. Malet had been a student of Robert Antoine Pinchon and for the next 10 years he became Isabelle’s mentor. Isabelle continued her formal education at the Academie Julian and the Ecole des Beaus-Arts in Paris.

Isabelle is a true disciple of “le plein air”; painting outside, in all weathers, to more fully experience the changes in the atmosphere, the vibrations of the air and the varying light in order to capture and translate the ephemeral moment onto canvas.

Isabelle has had numerous successful exhibitions throughout Europe. Her position as a member of the Artistes de Francais and the presence of her works in prestigious collections across France, Japan, England and the United States of America amongst others, is affirmation of her continually expanding reputation as one of the true classic Impressionist painters of our time.

Timeline :

Honorable mention third prize Salon des Artistes Francai
Chevalet d’Argent 1st prize Salon de Pointoise
Continued Education Ecole des Beaux-Arts and Academie Julian
First prize Atelier Jeunes Beaux-Arts de Rouen Rouen, France
Classee 1er du Concours d’Entree Beaux-Arts Paris Paris, France


1997 Galerie de l’Estualre Le Havre
1995 Galerie de la Vielle, Ville Geneva, Switzerland
1994 “La Galerie” London, England
1991 Galerie Alain Letailleur Paris, France
1987 Salon des Artistes
1985 Salle Siegfried

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