Jean Claude Quilici

(1941 - )


Jean Claude Quilici was born in 1941 in Marseille to a Corsican parents. He attended art schools at a very young age, and he was already exhibiting from 1958 his first collection of painting of the town with the encouragement from the Provence masters. He received many prices during the period of 1960 -1970 and many galleries around the world start exhibiting his paintings. The artist is invited to realize during his career of various projects such as monumental 40 meter long frescos for the University of Corte (Corsica) and a mural decoration on enamelled iron a 130 meters length in Marseilles Subways. Jean-Claude Quilici’s work owes its strength and uniqueness to his ability to capture natural light to his canvas. More significantly however, his work owes much to modern expressionism, which is embodied and revealed in each of his pieces. Having retained the lessons of the landscape Masters of southern France, Jean-Claude Quilici is unquestionably the best representative of provincial expressionism today. 1941 Born in Marseille to Corsican parents 1955-56 Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts of Marseille and a private academy 1958 First exhibition at the “Plano”, Marseille 1960 First prize at the Union des Arts Plastiques, Marseille 1961 First prize at the Salon de la Mer, Marseille 1965 Galerie Vanel, Toulon 1967 Galerie du Casino, Cherbourg 1971 Washington Gallery of Art, Washington D.C. 1973 Capitol Art Centre, Atlanta G.A. 1975 Art Circle 74, New York N.Y. 1976 Artistic advisor for film “Forms and Colours” by New Mexican film-maker A. Giran 1977 Galerie des Maitres Contemporains, Aix-en-Provence 1980 Galerie M.G., Grenoble 1982 Galerie d’art de la Place Beauvau, Paris 1983 Murals for Ecole et Centre Social Fontcolombe, Marseille Decorations for the Julien subway station, Marseille Mural measuring 40m x 4m for University of Corte 1984 Galerie Santica, Kobe 1986 Tokyo – Shizuoka – Osaka – Fukuoka 1989 Designer’s Corner Gallery Inc., Philadelphia P.A. 1990 Exposition Tesser Gallery, London
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