Nicole Blanchard

(1943 - )


Nicole Blanchard was born in Paris in 1943. She is the daughter of the renowned master, Antoine Blanchard. She would join her father on location on the streets and boulevards of Paris and gained from him the marvelous mastery of his drawings. She gained a perfection of architecture that was faultless. She further learned to paint with a fine and accurate brush the numerous and lively characters of her beloved Paris.

The critics have acclaimed her for being an imaginative artist and a refined colorist who is in love with light as she recreates the atmosphere of yesterday’s Paris.

After completing her studies at the Beaux Arts in classical training with modern techniques of the Twentieth Century, Nicole Blanchard paints similarly to her renowned father the Paris of 1800’s and 1900’s but with greater fluidity and boldness. She is, however, as the critics point out, more dedicated in her brush strokes, more generous in her color and more alive in the movement of her characters.

Using her father’s palette for further inspiration, she paints the Paris that never sleeps, a city alive and bustling with activity. She is not content to simply paint historic buildings or national monuments but rather recreates a way of life as it was from morning to evening, in Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer. She portrays Paris through a looking glass as it was.

She has exhibited in the major Salons of France and her paintings have been shown in the most prestigious galleries in France . Now her paintings are reaching the United States.

She tells us she is spiritually driven to paint the Paris of 1900 created by her father, Antoine, and she is now one of the most collectible artists today.
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