Paul-Emile Pissarro

(1884 - 1972)


Paulemile Pissarro was born on August 22nd, 1884, the youngest child of Camille Pissarro, the father of impressionism. He was brought up in the artistic environment of Eragny, France. His godfather was Claude Monet, who became his tutor and close friend, particularly when Camille died in 1903. He exhibited at the ‘Salon des Independents’ until 1908 when financial difficulties forced him to look for paid employment. He found work in Paris designing lace and embroidery. In the 1920’s he met artist Kees Van Dongen with whom he shared a studio, and Maurice Vlaminck. Together they would escape Paris and spend the summer months painting and traveling around the French countryside. In 1935 Paulemile moved to Clercy in Normandy . Raoul Dufy had advised him that the colors and abundance of water in this area of France would be ideal for his palette. He remained in Clercy until his death in 1972.
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