Vu Cao Dam

(1907 - 2001)


In 1908 Vu Cao Dam was born in Hanoi, Vietnam. As a youth he studied at the Ecole des Beaux Arts de Indochine, and graduated from there in 1931. After graduating, he moved to Paris where he had gotten a scholarship to study sculpture, but soon afterwards he started painting. In Paris he painted for eighteen years. Eventually Vu Cao Dam left Paris to travel to the South of France where he continued painting. He focused painting sole women, women with children, and women with horses. He had a very distinctive style which blended both Occidental and Asian techniques. His paintings were very colorful harnessing many different shades of pastel-like colors: light blue, rose, pink, and gradations of white. He primarily used black for eyes and hair. During his time in the south of France Vu Cao Dam also became a friend of Marc Chagall who influenced his work. At this time his work also became influenced by the Impressionists such as Matisse and Bonnard. In 2000 Vu Cao Dam died in France.
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