Walasse Ting

(1929 - 2010)


Walasse Ting was a Chinese-American painter, graphic artist, sculptor, and poet. He is well known for his very colorful and vibrant work depicting women, animals, and flowers. Wallasse Ting was born on October 13, 1929 in Shanghai, China. There he studied for a short time at the Shanghai Art Institute. At the Institute he learned various Chinese art forms and water color. When he was seventeen he left Shanghai to live in Hong Kong for a brief period of time. There he practiced creating water colours and sold them at a local bookstore. In 1952, Walasse Ting left Hong Kong to go to Paris to study French art. He arrived in France penniless and without any friends. Living in France he formed friendships with Pierre Alechinsky, a Belgian painter, Karel Appel, a Dutch painter and sculptor, and Asger John, a Danish painter and sculptor. These artists were members of an Avant-Garde artistic group called COBRA. During this period of his life, he studied the works of Picasso and of the Expressionist movement. He worked on his style during this period of time, using acrylics with a flamboyant and colorful touch, looking almost like water color. After six years Wallasse Ting, left France to study and practice in New York. There he continued to refine and work on his trademark style. During this time he also met and befriended Sam Francis, an artist of the Abstract Expressionist school. Together the two collaborated quite a bit and also produced “One Cent Life”, a collection of 62 lithographs from 28 artists including Andy Warhol, Roy Lichenstein, Tom Wesselmann, James Rosenquist, Asger Jorn, and Karel Appel. In addition to his painting, at this time he also self-taught himself to be a sculptor and a poet. Wallasse produced art, poetry, and sculpture. In 1970 Wallasse Ting won the Guggenheim Fellowship Award for drawing. In 1986/1987 Wallasse purchased a studio in Amsterdam, whose trees and canals remind him of his roots of Hangzhou’s West Lake in China. From that point on, he traveled back and forth from New York and Amsterdam. After a severe brain hemorrhage in 2002 he was no longer able to continue his artistic career. He was transferred from Netherland to New York and passed away in 2010 at the age of 80. Walasse Ting in his New York Studio – circa 1960 in his studio in 1960 New York Studio in 1960s in his studio in front of large painting circa 1970
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