Wu Jian

(1959 - 2005)


Born in China in 1942, Wu Jian began his extraordinary arts career at the Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts where he first developed a unique ability to bestow both tenderness and motion into his art. Wu Jian was also a member of the National Association of Fine Arts of China and a professor of art at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He captures only what is essential to express subtle moments and emotions. His brush stops time and exposes the emotion of a single instant. After emigrating to the United States from China in 1986, Wu Jian added Western flair and discipline to his natural artistic talent. His proficiency allowed Wu Jian to blend the powers of realism, tradition, and impressionism into a powerful statement of hue and light. He studied at the San Francisco Academy of Fine Art and the Art Students League in New York. He has been honored at numerous shows in America and included in the permanent collections of museums in both China and the United States.
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