Adam and Eve

Painted 1995 / Acrylic on canvas / 66 x 80 inches

In this work, Raimundo Martin creates a powerful statement of what most matters to him in life and in art. Always he expresses the duality and the oneness of life…..sun and moon, male and female, unity only after separation (the tree of life and the serpent).., the connection of reunification after separation…or spiritual maturity (eating of the fruit, represented by a myriad of bananas…which leads to death (the skull at the bottom of the painting) and to spiritual transcendence (the angel at the top). Eve is black….Adam is light. Eve holds a cube, the building block of the universe…at least this is so according to the cubists whom Raimundo adored. Adam holds the yin-yang symbol…the key to allowing unity or completion of the spiritual journey. Raimundo’s use of color, perspective, and symbols in this painting is his way of saying “this is it…this is how life works. Always fascinated by the Renaissance painters, his bold statement is fresco-like in appearance. – Jim Littrell

Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 66 x 80 inch
ID. RM-201/8810