Ballets Russes

Price: 28,000

Claude Venard was inspired by the performance of Russian Ballet in the music hall in Paris and worked on a series of paintings. The artist depicted the agile movement of the dancers on the canvas with a modernistic touch. Although Vanard was prolific, there exist only limited numbers of painting in this series.

Ballets Russes

This art deco style frame is quite interesting.The larger outer frame has full glass pane,
and the inner frame was glued on the glass of the larger frame. The inner frame does not have a glass front.
It gives the illusion the dancers are coming out of the stage. Quite interesting composition.

frame 51″ x 51″

This painting is on this page of the catalog.

Oil on Canvas
Size: 39.4" x 39.4"
Framed Size: x
Anne-French Fine Arts
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