La Vieille Rue – Paris (Sold)

Price: 5,000
In this painting Bouyssou depicts the old street of Paris – people strolling on the cobble stone street and some people casually chatting on the street corner. There are small stores and cafeteria with lantern hanging outside the old building. I sometimes make comparison between Utrillo and Bouyssou. Both are talented artist painted the same streets and buildings of Paris. Utrillo’s lonely and haunted feeling captured on the canvas made master pieces that the collectors are craving for while Bouyssou is a happy artist who lives everyday life – a Parisian life full heartedly that shows on the canvas. Bouyssou’s painting is sincere, honest, humble and happy. He created his own world of art in a different period and he extended the romantic feeling of everyday Parisian street scene further to the next dimension with masterly touch.
Oil on Canvas
Size: 36 1/4 x 28 3/4
Framed Size: 43 x 35 1/2


Anne-French Fine Arts
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