Moon Birth

Price: 3,200

On Sale – $1000

Moon Birth
The work presents a visage which is many faces…
faces from all angles, both male and female.
The figure also presents not just the physical body,
but also the subtle or etheric body with energy centers.
There to be seen are the heart, throat and third eye chakras…..
also the energy centers above the head, culminating in the dove…
symbol of the Spirit or Soul of the figure.
The motive of integrating opposites, male and female,
light and dark, yin and yang may also be seen in the two
roosters-one black and one white.
And, the image of the rooster itself hearkens back to
Caribbean spirituality, Also frequently appearing in
Santeria-the indigenous religion of the artist’s native Cuba.

Moon Birth
Moon Birth Framed
Painting size 21.5 x 21.5, Frame size 25 x 26 inch

Oil on Canvas laid down on wood
Size: x
ID 1426/1261
Framed Size: x
Anne-French Fine Arts
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