So Much Sunshine (sold)


So Much Sunshine

So Much Sunshine

letter from Jean Anerson – May 9, 2014
I first met Walasse Ting in 1968 at John Lefebre’s Manhattan Art Gallery. When I entered the gallery, I saw several large colorful “splatter” paintings and was introduced to their creator, Walasse Ting. He was a six foot tall big boned Chinese man with an amazing smile, great presence and sense of humor. I looked at all the art works and selected a large acrylic full of blues, greens and yellow and splattered with white acrylic paint. It was named “So Much Sunshine” Walasse told me that he had studied the flower beds at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens for his inspiration.

My husband , Richard Anderson and I had the painting installed in our home in New Jersey and in 1970 transferred to our new home in Weston, Connecticut. We had bought a home with large wall spaces to accommodate our growing contemporary art collection. The painting hung on our Dining Room wall and dominated the large room. We also bought several C.O.B.R.A. artist’s works, a group that Walasse had been working with in Amsterdam. Also work from other galleries including Pace, Peter Findley and Leo Castelli.

Walasse visited us twice in Connecticut and enjoyed seeing his work so loved by all. We attended other showings of his work and bought several of his publications including “Green Bananas”, “Hot and Sour Soup” and “Chinese Moonlight”..

Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 57.5" x 70"
ID 1622/12000
Framed Size: x
Anne-French Fine Arts
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