Visiting Claude Pissarro

Claude working

Claude Pissarro working on canvas – from Le Courrier des Galeries

Paris Studio
John Hong visited Claude Pissarro‘s studio outside Paris in 1993.  From left Claude, Lyonel (Pissarro’s son) and John. Pissarro is developing a new style – contemporary look on a large canvas. 
Paris Studio
John was reading and translating a letter from Han Woo Lee -a prominent artist in Korea. John organized a joint Pissarro and Lee art show in Seoul Korea. The show opened in 1995 and the event was sponsored by Korea Daily News as part of  cultural exchange program between France and Korea.
Musee SR
Invitation from Saint Remy Museum for the show of Claude Pissarro’s collection  of contemporary paintings
Saint Remy
Baby Born
Announcement card of new born baby. Isaak Ludovic was born from his second marriage to Corinne after Katia passed away. Claude was very happy and excited. He painted this painting of large and small sneakers. On the large sneaker, there is a name of the new born baby Isaak.





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