Anne French accepts quality paintings on consignment for sale.

Here is how it works:

You can consign your painting to Anne French just by providing a high definition photograph and full details of your painting.
Anne French will list your painting on its site (selling platform) to reach out to potential buyers.

The consignment platform is where the seller and buyer negotiate and make a deal.
Anne French encourages the seller to ask a reasonable, fair market price by providing current market information to the seller.
Anne French also encourages the buyer to make a reasonable offer to the seller and start negotiating.
A buyer may ask Anne French for an expert opinion about the painting.  Anne French will provide an unbiased opinion.

When the seller and the buyer reach an agreement to finalize the deal, Anne French will issue an invoice according to the agreed upon terms and conditions to the buyer.
The buyer makes the payment to Anne French and the seller ships the painting to the buyer and the buyer pays the shipping charges. When the buyer receives the painting and finds the painting is in the same condition as described by the seller, then Anne French will make the payment to the seller.

Anne French charges the seller 20% of the sales price.  In case this 20% is less than $200,  the minimum seller fee is $200.    Anne French is not charging fees to buyer although Anne French provides expert services to the buyer.  Anne French believes in making a fair deal to the buyer as well as the seller,  and in the end,  both the buyer and the seller are protected. 



Why I use the Anne French platform instead of sending the painting to the auction house?

The auction house usually charges 15%-20% to the seller (seller fee) and 25% to the buyer (buyer’s premium), 1.5% insurance, catalog (photograph) fee $150 -$500. You have to ship the painting to the auction house – crating and shipping cost $200 – $1000 depends on the size and value of your painting. To induce the consignment, the auction house usually posts the sold price inclusive of these buyer’s and seller’s fees. When your painting is sold, you generally get about 55% of the sold price they are posting on the internet. In case the painting does not sell (does not meet the minimum reserve), it has to come back to you incurring shipping charges. Using the Anne French platform, no expenses will incur except the 20% fee to the seller when the sale is realized.

Why I use the Anne French platform instead of selling on Ebay?

Anybody can have any painting on Ebay for sale. Anne French does not accept all paintings on consignment. Anne French sets a high standard of criteria in taking a consignment, so the buyer has a level of confidence in purchasing on the Anne French platform. Anne French also provides an expert opinion – totally unbiased to the buyer as well as to seller. Ebay does not have expertise so there is no level of confidence in buying fine art from Ebay.

Why I use the Anne French platform instead of consigning to a main street gallery?

The main street gallery is localized. It sells to clients who walk in the gallery and it may sell to its established clients in the area. Anne French is global. We are known for our specialty in the 20th-century French art and visitors come to our site from all over the world.

How long does it take until my painting is sold?

It all depends on the artist / subject matter / quality of the painting / how much you are asking for. Usually, a good painting by a popular artist at a reasonable price sells within 1 – 3 months.

Is Anne French a reputable dealer?

Anne French was established in 2001 as a fine art dealer – with a specialty in 20th-century French art – and enjoys a good reputation and has a following of repeat clients. You may check our clients’ feedback. You have an option to request Anne French to deposit the money in an escrow account ( before ship the painting, in which case you have to pay the escrow fee.