We welcome all inquiries regarding the purchase or sale of paintings. Please feel free to either call us at (305) 632-2032 or send us an email at info@anne-french.com .

To purchase a painting from Anne French :

In order to provide the highest quality collecting experience, we strive to describe our paintings as accurately and in as much detail as possible.
The photos you find on our site are of professional quality and are as vivid and as clear as can be presented over the Internet.
Many of our client collectors purchase their paintings from the detailed images we provide. Once delivered, the majority of the time, these paintings surpass our clients’ expectations. 
We do not send the painting to you for approval. However, if you send us photos of your wall where you are going to hang the painting, we can superimpose the painting on your wall so you can view how it would go with your decor of the room and complement your other paintings you already have on your wall. 
For payment we accept  personal check, wire transfer, major credit cards and PayPal.