Home Viewing

If you wish to see a painting on your wall before you purchase it, here is a perfect solution. Take a photo of your room showing the wall on which you would like to hang the painting and send the digital photo to us by email. We will superimpose the image of the painting on your wall so that you can see the painting in your room with your existing decor. This practice will eliminate all the guesswork out of purchasing a painting and ensure that it does not clash with the decor of your room, other paintings, antiques and furniture you already have. Of course, if you really love a painting then it does not matter. You can just build your room around it!

Here is an example of how “In Home Viewing” works.

You take a photo of your room facing the wall where you want to hang the painting. You must take a measurement of the wall / couch / table etc. which will be around the painting. Then we can super impose the painting proportionately correct on the wall, then you can easily make decision whether the painting goes in your room.

If you want to see any of our paintings on your wall, just send us a photo of your room.